I’m a giant fan of custom lettering on signs. I think it increases direct contact, increases the number of buyer leads and shortens your response time. Custom letting for signs and doors is a popular add on item for some progressive real estate agents. Some agents will buy a custom domain name (unique URL) such as www.123AppleStreet.com and in this way direct sign viewers to a webpage or video. Unique domain names are as little as 2 dollars at Go Daddy and then the agent forwards that to the video or webpage. I can do this set up for you if needed.

AnĀ  example of this would be on a Fox Roach sign, to replace the standard FoxRoach.com with either your website name or a domain that leads to a virtual tour or webpage. (if I know a day in advance I will precut the letters and place them on the sign at the photo shoot) When you’re done with the domain, just heat the letters with a hair dryer and peel them off.