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Buyers have come to expect more photos, more details and often video. The problem is television quality commercials can cost over a million dollars for a 1 minute spot. Realtors could never do that and yet the buying public wants more real action detail.

Look at a Chevy commerical and you’ll notice that the commercial is a mix of full motion video, some audio buy the actor and some audio as a dubbed in overlay and a mix of still photos actually breaking up the action scenes.

A good house tour video is exactly the same except we only have a budget of $ 79.00 most of the time.

Here’s what we do: When we’re doing the photo shoot we shoot a small rotational piece of the room in actual video. On our All-In Premium package we also shoot some jib shots and rolling shots for that cinematic feel. Once we’re back in the office we blend an intro with titles, intro video mixed with stills and an exit. We strive for a 60-90 second video that is loaded into Zillow.



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