Videos brand agents, create leads and sometimes they even help sell a house. The point at issue with low cost agent videos is they are never as good as a 50 million dollar Hollywood movie nor a $ 300,000 car commercial. If you need that end result don’t do videos. If you don’t think you look good on camera, don’t do it but if you want to get your name and face out infront of your client base as well as strangers in an effort to grow your client base, low cost videos are pure gold.



  1. My most popular video add on is to create a Zillow direct upload agent video of the listing. As a package the photo shoot and video start at $ 159.00 As a stand alone the video starts at $ 69.00
  2. ┬áThe agent video newsletter. You’re at the house, ready to go…let’s do this. You want to put your face/brand out infront of your existing client base and deliver a market based message. Basically we find a nice backdrop or in some cases use a portable green screen and deliver some market stats. The price for this simple market stat video starts at $ 59.00 as an add on to a photo shoot.
  3. Option # 4 – My best combination photo/video package. The full service premium photo shoot, a 360 photo shoot add on plus a full agent branded Zillow Video priced at $ 201.95