1.Steven Schafer, the sole owner and creator of the photographs, images, drawings and variants created from his work remains the sole owner of all photos on this site. Steven Schafer is known as the licensor and the purchaser of the right to use a defined group of photos shall be known as the licensee. Ownership stays with the licensor, Steven Schafer. Purchase of a photo session entitles the purchaser to a non exclusive right of the photos for unlimited use and duration. Licensee can only use the photos after complete payment has been made for the license.

2. License constraints: These photos are limited to the use of the licensee or member of their team but may not be shared other than that unless specific written approval by owner has been given. An example of this constraint would be sharing of a community sign or community pool. In the event of a violation a fee equal to a full photo session will be charged to both parties and enforced in court. 

3. Copyright & Non Copyright  Photos: At the will of the owner of the photos, many photos are sent in bulk at the end of each month to the United States Copyright office. Willful disregard of the copyright will result in enforcement of the copyright. ” I will seek collection action on those who use the photos without paying for the photos” Your owner can share in the use rights by form of secondary use agreement and payment. Should they want to use them along side your marketing such as a builder might make their own brochure this can be done simultaniously at the time of the shoot and a secondary use agreement can be drafted. In the case of home owners aka seller who might want to quit using you but retain the use of the photos they can reimburse you for your license and remit a secondary user fee to take over the rights. An owners use without consent on a terminated listing will result in collection action.