The best value in a real estate photo shoot. Guaranteed!

With my premium photo shoot if your listing expires and the seller does not renew the listing with you I will shoot your next photo session for free! *must be a 6 month or longer listing

Premium photo shoots starting at only $ 104.95 

All photos shot on the new state of the art Sony A7 III full frame mirrorless digital camera (starting in late fall 2017) with an off camera bare bulf stobe flash with the power of 6 flashes for better lighting, multiple flash set up (up to 3) to avoid dark rooms and hallways. Primary flash is diffused for cooler light and fewer shadows, larger homes will have electric studio stobe lighting, each shot is manually light metered, photos shot on tripod for better leveling, Each photo has color, density, contrast and saturation corrections.

Compare Basic Versus Premium Shoot

  • Front of the house is shot in natural light, HDR, neutral density filter and polarized filter.

  • Elevated pole shot of front of house Free! (view sample)

  • (1) Front view drone photo Only $ 19.95!  (view sample) *subject to wind, power lines, and location. 

  • Photoshop object removal- 1 Free! (such as a power line or tv cord)

  • Sky Replacement (if needed on gray days) – 1 Free! (view sample)

  • Put photos into the MLSFree upon request!

  • Two sets of photos – MLS Size and Print Size for better download times

  • 24 Hour Photo Turn a round time (same day + 5.00)

  • Branded and Unbranded Property Website FREE!

  • Flyer Builder- Free! Build a flyer in minutes

  • 1 click photo and video syndication to You Tube and Facebook

  • Add Virual Tour + 12.00

  • On site cd copy of photos +10.00 (in a rush, I can batch process on site, no custom edits)

  • Virtual Tour Creation option (but unbranded flyer also has a video link embed)

  • Interior roll through video option

  • Aerial drone video option

  • Zillow Walk Through Video Option (you should do this)

  • Update Zillow, Trulia, option 

  • Set Up Google Adword Campaign (optional)

  • Set Up Facebook Ad Campaign (optional)

  • Custom Domain For Video or website (optional)

  • Custom Domain Name Sticker (optional)

  • Add an agent monthy market video update (optional) (view samples)

  • Seasonal front photo reshoot (optional)

  • 99% Satifaction Guarantee! 

Premium Photo Shoot

Do you want me to do this for for you. Phone orders are available + 5.00
Touchless Concierge Support 20.00
Big Houses, Luxury Houses take longer to photograph and process. Expectations are higher. Homes over 750,000 over 5 bedrooms or over 3600 sf. are treated as and billed as a premium shoot. Switch to the premium form.
By ordering a photo shoot you agree to the usage agreement listed on the site. A signed copy is required along with a sales tax exemption form.
Basic photo shoots start at $ 69.00. I am Atlantic County based. Photos in Southern Cape May County, Cherry Hill, Philadelphia and Ocean County has different prices. Please check website.
Areas outside Atlantic County and Ocean City NJ have a small travel charge. South Cap May County + 30.00, Cherry Hill +35.00, Ocean County +35.00, Philadelphia +40.00 plus tolls and parking
Watch a sample
Update Zillow/Trulia or Listing + 7.50 ea.