Premium Photo Shoot

Photographed with state of the art Nikon digital single lens reflex camera with one of the widest lens availble (without that fisheye effect), an off camera electronic bare bulb stobe flash with the power of 6 flashes for better lighting, multiple flash set up (up to 3) to avoid dark rooms and hallways. Each photo is shot multiple times and combined electronically (HDR) , manually light metered, photos shot on mono/tripod for better leveling, color, density, contrast and saturation corrections. (there’s a lot to read below but please read it all before ordering a photo shoot.)

  • Photo Session Base Price $ 104.95
  • Front of the house is shot in natural light, HDR, neutral density filter and polarized filter.
  • Up To 5 bedrooms & 4800 square feet. (homes above this size or 1 million are luxury homes per quote)
  • 1 exterior front elevated pole shot (limited to summer) Included free! (view sample)
  • Sky replacement (if needed on gray days) – included free! (view sample) 
  • Computerized color and contrast corrections
  • Hand corrected in photo shop
  • Off camera strobe light (power of 6 flashes) for better light balance and color
  • Multiple flashes (up to 3)
  • Photos shot on mono/tripod for better leveling
  • Each room individually light metered and photos settings hand metered
  • Primary rooms shot in multiple layovers like a sandwich for best results (HDR -High Dynamic Range)
  • Photoshop object removal, such as power line or tv cord (1 free) extras $ 6.00 each
  • Put photos into the MLS – (free upon request!)
  • Two sets of photos – MLS Size and print size for better download times
  • Branded and unbranded property website (included free!)  *add traditional virtual tour +15.00
  • Double End Exposure Boost! Purchase unique domain name for the property website i.e  $ 5.00
  • Double End Exposure Boost! Purchase unique domain name for the You Tube video slide show $ 5.00
  • Double End Exposure Boost! Purchase a matching sign sticker for the unique domain name $ 4.50
  • Purchase a custom domain sticker for the back of your car i.e.  $ 4.50
  • Flyer Builder- (included free!) Build a flyer in minutes
  • 1 click photo and video syndication to You Tube and Facebook
  • (1) Front view drone photo only $ 19.95!  (view sample) *subject to wind, power lines, and location. Full Drone Shots $ 59.00
  • 24 hour photo turn a round time on photo delivery   —   Same day photo delivery (+ 10.00)
  • Really in a hurry- On site cd copy of photos +25.00 (in a rush, I can batch process on site)
  • Update your Zillow listing $ 5.00, Trulia $ 5.00, $ 5.00
  • Exposure Boost! Zillow Walk Through Video Option (you should do this) $ 5.00
  • Exposure Boost!  Add a Google Adwords top of page paid add to support listing $ 25.00 in ads + 5.00 set up. 
  • Exposure Boost! Add a Facebook paid ads campaign $ 25.00 + 5.00 set up
  • Videos-You Tube video slide show (only $ 2.99)
  • Videos- Interior roll through video option 
  • VideosAdd drone video $ 69.00
  • Huge! Newsletter Videos- Keep in touch with your sphere of Influence by add an agent monthy market video update shot at the time of the photo shoot and uploaded to your You Tube account  (view samples)  starting at $ 29.00 each


  • 99% Satisfaction Guarantee! I want you and your home seller completely satisfied with the photos but it is my experience that sometimes that won’t happen (the 1%). In the later part of 2017 I’ve run into some real crazies. I like photographing for agents and building relationships. *Effective 2018 there is no longer a basic shoot option I cannot shoot that fast and give the results that agents and their homeowners are looking for so I have opted to only shoot premium quality shoots and luxury shoots. I can’t say they I won’t shoot after 2 p.m but it’s doubtful except in the long days of summer. I rarely shoot on grey days, rainy days or low light winter afternoon days. In my opinion those that do are more about the money than the photo. I won’t put the drone up near power lines nor will I put the extended pole up. With the premium shoot i don’t require but prefer the agent onsite for the photo shoot. When the agent is onsite you will see real time pre-processed photos on my Ipad before I leave the home. If the agent is onsite for the shoot you can count on that 99% guarantee meaning you can call me back out free of charge if you find that a photo doesn’t meet your expectations or the customer finaly painted that bedroom. If you are not on site for the initial  photo shoot the final photos are subject to the sole discretion of the  photographer, no free callbacks so just be there. Also, in 2017 I had to wait 117 days for one payment and in another the homeowner wanted to brawl for it so in 2018 all photoshoot are paid in advance. You can use a credit card or pay by cash or check when I meet you at the home. Since going to full HDR photo methods I can expect to have several hours in the post production.  There are NO post photoshoot payments. I will not photograph without payment no exception. I prefer you use the order form but on the premium shoot I will also take your order over the phone but on the tab below the photo shoot is a sales tax exemption form that I must have filled out. I can bring one to the photo shoot but if I don’t have one I have to charge you tax on the photo shoot.  One last thing, if you haven’t read this full page don’t it doesn’t change the policies. 


    **All photo shoots require payment prior to the shoot

Premium Photo Shoot

Big Houses, Luxury Houses take longer to photograph and process. Expectations are higher. Homes over 750,000 over 5 bedrooms or over 4800 sf. are treated as and billed as a luxury shoot.
By ordering a photo shoot you agree to the usage agreement listed on the site. A signed copy is required along with a sales tax exemption form.
Premium Photo shoots start at $ 104.00 I am Atlantic County based. Photos in Southern Cape May County, Cherry Hill, Philadelphia and Ocean County has different prices. Please check website.
Areas outside Atlantic County and Ocean City NJ have a small travel charge. South Cap May County + 30.00, Cherry Hill +35.00, Ocean County +35.00, Philadelphia +40.00 plus tolls and parking