Coming in the fall of 2017

Without a doubt the best photo shoot and best value I’ve ever offered in a photo shoot starting at only $ 104.95

Guaranteed Results! If the (6 month or greater) listing expires and they do not relist with you, your next photo shoot is free!

  • All photos shot on the new state of the art Sony A7 III mirrorless digital camera.

  • Off Camera bare bulb stobe flash with the power of 6 flashes for better lighting

  • Multiple flash set up to avoid dark rooms and hallways

  • Primary flash is light box diffused for cooler light and fewer shadows

  • Photos shot on tripod for better leveling

  • Each shot manually light metered

  • Polarized, Neutral Density and Regular exterior front shot

  • HDR High Dynamic Range Natural Light Photos

  • Color, Density, Contrast and Saturation corrections

  • Photoshop object removal- 1 free

  • Sky Replacement – 1 free (view sample)

  • Branded and Unbranded Property Website FREE!

  • Free Flyer Builder!

  • Elevated pole shot  + 2.99 (view sample)

  • Put photos into the MLS +10.00

  • Cd copy of photos +10.00

  • Aerial Drone Photos +10.00

  • Virtual Tour Creation +25.00

  • Interior Video +79.00

  • Aerial Drone Video +79.00

  • Update Zillow, Trulia, +7.50 Each

  • Set Up Google Adword Campaign (optional)

  • Set Up Facebook Ad Campaign (optional)

  • Custom Domain For Video (optional)

  • Custom Domain Name Sticker (optional)

  • Add an agent monthy market video update (optional) (view samples)

  • Seasonal front photo reshoot (optional)

  • 99% Satifaction Guarantee!