I’ve all but retired the basic shoot, for a few extra dollars the premium shoot is so much more with hand editing and much more but if you must a 1 story basic shoot is $ 69.00, 2 stories $ 79.00  I offer a *Basic Photo Session that includes up to 30 photos and automated post photo shoot batch processing.  If a house is not completely photo ready and there is added time the shoot converts to a premium photo shoot. Post photo production is limited to automated batch photo processing that corrects for contrast, gamma, color levels, brightness, color balance, hue, saturation, equalization, digital noise reduction and pixel sharpening. There are no manual corrections or cropping on the basic photo shoot. Photos are delivered via download from various sites such as Amazon Prime Photos, Drop Box, Google Drive and sometimes an on site cd at photographers discretion. Photos are shot with a Nikon on D5300 and a Nikon 10-20 mm lens. Photos may be delivered same day if the work flow permits but generally photos on Monday-Thursday deliver next day. Friday & weekend shoots may take 2+ days. Payment is required before the shoot or on location. If for some reason it happens, sessions with post shoot payment there is $ 10.00 fee.  A $ 2.75 service fee is applied to all credit card payments on a basic shoot.  Agents are encouraged to be at the photo shoot, photos will be reviewed in real time and reshot if required.  *Luxury homes that require different equipment are billed as a premium shoot as are homes over 750,000, or over 5 bedrooms or over 3600 square feet. There is no basic option for 2 story or  luxury homes, please see our full price list.  We strive to shoot only on bright non rainy sunny days for best results, if you need a shoot on a grey day, rainy day or otherwise less than ideal day the shoot will be billed as a premium shoot and the backgrounds will be replaced with blue skies and sunshine. To order a photo shoot, you may fill out the online form and the tax exempt form but if you don’t have time I will do a phone order. Please look at the order form for all the available options. 

Compare The Basic Versus Premium Shoot

  • Add On Drone Still Photos $ 69.00 – Don’t risk it! Our pilot is FAA part 107 certified.   
  • Put photos into your mls listing   +Add $ 10.00
  • Stock Photos & Aerial Video– The cost for stock footage video is generally $ 12.99 per clip and would be “generic” in nature such as a golf course fly over or an island flyer over such as at the cove in Brigantine and stock aerial photos are generally $ 5.99 each and in some cases we give free community photos to whoever wants them as long as our copyright stays in the bottom right corner. 

Custom videos are available upon request.  

Photo Shoot Order Form

Do you want me to do this for for you. Phone orders, no extra charge. 609-470-1806
I strongly suggest the agent attend the photo shoot. If an unattended shoot, photos are Photographers choice with no go-backs.
By ordering a photo shoot you agree to the usage agreement listed on the site. A signed copy is required along with a sales tax exemption form.
Basic photo shoots start at $ 59.00. I am Atlantic County based. Photos in Southern Cape May County, Cherry Hill, Philadelphia and Ocean County has different prices starting at $ 129.00 Please check full price list.
Elevated Pole Sample
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