Ocean City Real Estate Photography

Ocean City Real Estate Photography is unique because many of the homes are on narrow lots, there can be excessive power lines and flying a drone can be problematic because there is an airport. We have developed a program exclusively for our Ocean City agents that features wide view photos, high color saturation and even extended aerial pole photos. The good news is that Ocean City is just over the bridge for me. The pricing for Ocean City is the same as the mainland, only $ 69.00 for a basic shoot. 

  • Optional  Mailchimp email blast of your new listing You Tube Slide Show to  355 Ocean City agents  + 2.00
  • Seasonal Front Photo Change Out (done the same day as your new photo shoot, any listing same city) + 7.00
**BHHS Ocean City agents receive a free “video sticker” for their text bubble if permitted & a “Photos: Text Sign Sticker” if permitted. 

Please use the Atlantic County Tab to place your order