Photo Shoot & Virtual Tour Prep (Print PDF Version For Home Seller)

Owners and agents need to prep the house for a photo shoot before I get there. If you (the agent) haven’t spent at least 2 hours prepping (at a minimum) for the shoot it’s probably not ready! 


Exterior: (done before I arrive)
1. No cars in the driveway or in front of the house if possible.
2. No trash cans, toys, bikes, hoses, hose reels, misc debris, etc in front of the house.
3.  Time the shoot to have a fresh cut lawn, prepare by edging, watering and fertilizing.
4. Mold, moss, mildew and dirt are a big turn off. Pressure wash or wash the house and sidewalk if necessary.
5. Remove any yard cluter on the sides and back of house prior to the shoot.
6. Give the house and drive a quick rinse with the garden hose prior to the shoot day.
7. Remove pool toys, yard tools, uncover grill and furniture, position at best angle.


  • 1. Make sure there are woking light bulbs in all lamps/lights (matching hue). Mismatched bulb colors look awful in a photo.
    2. Turn on all the interior lights.

    3. Decide shades up/down, half way or just open and set them. Is Sun Shadows Ok? 
    4. Dark out shades/blinds/drapes-go get some gift ribbon and swag them back.  
    4. Turn off rotating fan blades
    5. Remove all counter debris, No paper towel, dish soap, sponges
    —-In the bathrooms remove the 
    toothpaste from counters and visible shampoo etc from the shower
    6. Nice shower tile? Get some gift ribbon and swag it from both sides to the middle.
    7. Get some boxes and start packing extra items! You’re moving.
    8. Remove dining, coffee, end table debris and clutter. Reduce counter appliances, refrigerator magnets and counter photos.
    9. Set the dining table with, linen, display plates and centerpiece.
    10.Decorate with fresh flower centerpieces.

    11.Vacuum carpets, run a clean plastic rake over them (seriously).
    12. Remove pet toys & bowls. No visible trash cans (this includes bathrooms).
    13. M
    ake sure beds are well made, crisp corners and no tags. (pin tight if necessary)
    14. Prop pillows, use foil backing for sham corners, no visible tags
    15. Remove all items with exposed power cords i.e  cordless phones by bed.
    16. Get the carpets cleaned, vacuumed and even raked
    17. Polish all the wood floors.
    18. Don’t skip the basement. 

    19. A quick recoat on the front door paint goes a long way.
    20. A fresh fruit bowl won’t hurt the views.
    21. An inviting front porch with seasonal decor goes a long way.

Great prep makes for great photos. When I get to the job site I start shooting immediately. Please make sure the home is ready. I do not provide any staging or house cleaning services.