Photo Shoot & Virtual Tour Prep  (PDF Version For Home Sellers)

Lights, Camera, Action! Seriously, turn on every light and lamp and make sure all the lamps have bulbs. No burnt out lights! Showcase your home and increase it’s online exposure. Sell the home faster and for more money  Over 1000 local real estate agents and thousands of home buyers will have a chance to view your home on-line. Internet expands the marketing to reach beyond the local buyer and allows your agent to reach larger audiences. Many homes don’t get the showings they deserve because the prospective buyer wanted to see more or worse the photos of what they saw was a complete turnoff. My photos feature the wide angles, professional lighting and state of the art digital fusing. What they can’t do is stage the house, declutter or clean the house. That’s up to you. If you don’t take time to prep the house you won’t like the photos. My photos are shot for agents only and the homes must be fully prepped for the shoot or the shoot will not occur.  

In order to provide you with the best photos here are a few housekeeping items we would like to review.


  • No cars in the driveway. 

  • No trash cans

  • No hoses, yard tools, toys, bikes or misc debris or clutter

  • A freshly cut lawn is preferred. Green is good, water and fertilize a week or so before the shoot. A nice edge is preferred

  • Mold, moss and mildew are a big turnoff. Pressure wash the house and sidewalk if necessary

  • Remove any yard clutter prior to the photo shoot on all sides of the house and back yard as well. 

  • Giving the house and driveway a quick rinse with the garden hose will help knock down any dirt and highlight the colors.

  • Remove pool toys, yard tools etc and uncover grill and position at best angle. No visible debris in photos

  • Make it model ready!


  • Turn on all the interior lights (no burnt out light bulbs and no lamps without light bulbs)

  • Turn off the rotating fan blades

  • Decide on blinds (open or closed?) Half way? Sun shadows ok?

  • Remove all counter debris. No paper towel rolls, no dish soap or towels, no sponges, no toiletries such as tooth paste. Remove hygiene items in showers. Be prepared to sash the shower curtain for a better view. 

  • Remove all dining, coffee, end table debris and clutter. Decrease number of counter appliances, refrigerator magnets and counter photos.

  • Set the dining table with  display plates and centerpiece.

  • Consider fresh flower centerpieces.

  • Vacuum carpets, run a clean plastic rake over them. 

  • Remove pet toys & bowls. No visible trash cans (this includes bathrooms).

  • If you have hanging drapes, sash them open.

  • Make sure beds are well made, crisp corners and no tags.

Great prep makes for great photos. When I get to the job site I will be ready to shoot. Please make sure the home is ready. I do not provide staging or house cleaning services.