In a survey, real (well done) virtual tours ranked higher in buyer prospect response than selling agent contact information. A computer generated Imprev slide show is not a virtual tour. A slide show is a slide show. A virtual tour has motion where the camera pans still images to create the sense of movement. Real video is just that, but the portable lighting is anything but portable and many true videos comes out dark. A more recent option is the 360 degree High Definition Camera that takes both still photos and video. These tours allow viewers to see 360 degrees around the room and another 360 up and down for a total view of  the room. 360 Tours can be done as individual rooms hosted by a site that support this or combined into a video that is supported on You Tube and Facebook.  See my samples on the home page.  360 support for photos is now on You Tube and Facebook as well as all Google platforms such as Chrome and Google Maps. It’s viewing support is almost universal at this point. Early in 2019 Zillow will introduce 360 virtual tours into their listings. 360 tours start at $ 69.00 Here is a sample -use your mouse, ipad, phone to move around the room Sample Tour